• Ironman Maastricht 2018 - I’M GOING TO THE WORLD CHAMPS @ KONA HAWAII !! 😍 Ironman Maastricht : you where VERY tough! The day started with a non-wetsuit swim, not the worst thing ever but it does ask more energy, of which every little bit counts during such a long day.. Took it quite easy during the swim, and […]
  • Ironman Frankfurt 2018 - My big day yesterday – Ironman Frankfurt – turned out to be a huge offday.. Starting my swim with some (usual πŸ˜‰) panic attacks before finding my good pace. Entering T1 after 1u04min, not bad but with 4000m on my Garmin, it could have been better.. Time to jump on my bike off to the […]
  • Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg 2018 - Yesterday was an unexpected good day. Or let’s say, a better day. I took the race as a training day, but it’s still an Ironman, so the atmosphere is β€˜something else.’ 😍 . The swim went very well, apart from not looking where I was going, ended up swimming 2050m. At 31min out of the […]
  • Ironman Austria 2017 - Well, Ironman Klagenfurt.. Let’s say that I’m really disappointed. 😟 Felt so strong the last weeks and days, absolutely ready and excited for raceday. Swim didn’t pass like what I hoped for, came out of the water in 1h04. Set my mind on the bike course, but already felt after a few kilometers that my […]
  • Ironman Barcelona 2016 - So, Ironman Barcelona, finished 3rd in my agegroup, in 10h10. Swim and bike went really well, had the right feeling and thought the run would be the same. But unfortunately after a few kilometres I felt my legs weren’t turning great and I needed to slow down. I came for a sub 10h Ironman so […]
  • Ironman 70.3 Sankt Polten - Ironman70.3 Sankt-Polten: ondanks lekke band 2de in age-group 25-29!
  • Ironman Frankfurt 2015 - IM Frankfurt: zwaarste ervaring ooit.. Veel sterren en planeten gezien. Redelijke zwemtijd en goede fietstijd, daarna was het licht helemaal uit. De hitte (39gr schaduw!) was ondraaglijk maar ondanks dat en de meest slechte voorbereiding ooit, toch blij gefinisht te zijn. (hopelijk wel NOOIT meer op deze manier!! πŸ˜‰) Bedankt aan al de supporters ter […]
  • Ironman Kalmar 2014 - Nederlands: Op 11/08 was het eindelijk zover, koffers klaar, fietsen klaar, de auto in & richting Zweden! Een paar trainingen ter plaatse lieten duidelijk voelen dat de wind niet van plan was het ons makkelijk te gaan maken. Ook een zee vol kwallen was in het begin best eng, maar een korte training deed het […]