Ironman Maastricht 2018


Ironman Maastricht : you where VERY tough! The day started with a non-wetsuit swim, not the worst thing ever but it does ask more energy, of which every little bit counts during such a long day.. Took it quite easy during the swim, and came out of the water, feeling ready for the next part. The bike part felt very hard for me, first lap went okay, second was difficult, legs had that heavy feeling again, combined with a lack of power. I was really happy when the bike part was over and done with and I could finally start to run. Although I had no idea how it would go, my legs felt fine. After a few kilometres I could find a good pace and was able to hold it until 26K. After that I had some stomach problems and hit the famous wall.. 😉 Luckily I could go back to a normal pace from kilometre 32 and was able to finish strong. Result: first place in my age group and a qualification for the world champs Ironman! 🎉 Thanks a lot everyone for believing in me and for all your support!! ❤️

Many thanks to my husband @simonbaerts
, who is always there for me, no matter what. Always believes in me and pushes me to my limits (even when he knows that’s followed by evil stares and words.. 🙈). Without you this wouldn’t be possible. Thanks for everything my love. ❤️

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