Ironman Austria 2017

Well, Ironman Klagenfurt.. Let’s say that I’m really disappointed. šŸ˜Ÿ Felt so strong the last weeks and days, absolutely ready and excited for raceday. Swim didn’t pass like what I hoped for, came out of the water in 1h04. Set my mind on the bike course, but already felt after a few kilometers that my legs weren’t good at all. Wouldn’t give up so I gave it my all on the bike (what I guess was a bit to much in these circumstances.. šŸ˜¶), bike time 5h16. But then the real entree to hell still had to come.. Run was 42K of pain and thoughts of giving up. Body felt so empty.. At the end I’m glad I didn’t gave up, finished my race in 10h29, 3rd in my age-group. Feelings of disappointment aren’t totally gone yet but they are slowly making place for new plans. First taking my time to recover and set the mind free..
Many thanks to all the volunteers, supporters, family and friends for cheering me up, you guys are amazing! šŸ’œ

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